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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I fail at updating my blog...

Hello All,

I know it has been SO LONG since I have updated my blog! Many have commented on my lack of updates, and have blamed me for their failures in procrastination, so I have decided to do the honorable thing and give everybody something to read instead of their homework.

Life in Philly has been hectic. My internship at the DA started out as the most terrifying experience of my life. My supervisor decided the "baptism by fire" was the best approach to take for introducing me to the world of law, and immediately gave me tasks to do and watched me struggle to figure out how to do them. Finally, after a few of the longest weeks of my life, I began to feel comfortable in the workplace, and I had the confidence that I knew the ins and outs of the system. I am still learning on a daily basis (more than I can even begin to write about) but now I feel like a productive member of a team instead of a worthless intern.

My favorite part about the internship is the time I spend in court. During court I sit with my supervisor at the prosecution table (right in front of the judge!) and help her with the trial. I am involved in every part every process. I can't talk about a lot of the stuff that I do, but I have been finding it all exciting. It kind of shocked me how much responsibility I was given right off the bat, and how much my supervisor trusts me not to screw up!

Life outside of work has been pretty hectic as well as I try to keep up with my two classes, second internship, and part time job. In my free time I try to take advantage of the improving weather by walking down to the second hand bookstore or picnicking in the park with half of Philadelphia's residents. Last weekend my roommate and I walked down to the Italian Market, which is a local market filled with little Italian shops and fresh produce stands. It was a warm day and I bought a 75 cent mango which the produce man sliced open on the spot. I spent the rest of the day shopping while munching on a delicious, sweet mango. I bought fresh gorgonzola cheese from a little Italian deli where meat and cheese hung from the ceiling. Later in the week, my roommate and I used the sweet sage cream sauce we bought at the market to make a delicious Italian meal at home! On Friday night I went to the Electric Factory to watch Mat Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson perform. It was a complete blast, and I even got to dance in person with Mat Kearney during one of the songs!

This past weekend I bought a few bus tickets and traveled up to Boston where I checked out Northeastern University School of Law. I arrived at the hostel late at night and walked to the school in the morning. After sitting in on a criminal law class and taking a campus tour I hopped on a subway train to Cambridge and ate lunch next to Harvard. The next day I went down to downtown Boston and walked part of the freedom trail, weaving through the Boston Commons, passing Cheers, and finding the grave of Paul Revere. I visited Quincy Market and watched a street performer, then shopped for a bit before having lunch in the oldest tavern in America (The Bell in Hand). After my warm cup of Boston Chowda (yum!) I headed back to the bus station and returned to Philadelphia. Now I am working on homework (LAME!) and preparing for the upcoming week. Next week I am working the night shift with the Crime Scene Unit and visiting the chambers of a Federal Judge. Then on Friday I am taking a bus up to New York with a few of my roommates where I am staying in a hostel next to Central Park, going to a Broadway show, and exploring the gigantic city!

Well, I gotta go finish up homework and eat lunch. Talk to you all soon!

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  1. at long last... we hear from the mystery girl! sounds like you're having a blast! that's great! miss you!